Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello to All,
I had completely forgotten this even existed until I received an email from someone complimenting my blog!! Which I found quite humorous to honest. A blog that hasn't been touched in 2 years. I did not even think my password would work. But it did and here I am. For any of you interested I am going to begin again and blog. Not becaise I am so full of wisdom like some of my mom friends but because I think it is neat to share your homeschool journey and give out good ideas that you have learned from someone else. My motto in parenting and in homeschooling is "Do not try to reinvent the wheel." I am here, you are here so obviously our mothers, fathers and  grandparents must have known something. Right??? And if you don't think they got it right or did it wrong then you can just Google it :-)
 I look forward to sharing with you guys.
Since it has been 2 years my bunch has changed. And for safety reasons I will not be using their real names but if you know us you who is who! Monkey and Pinky are in second grade while Doozer is in first grade. 
Here they are
And yes they love each other this much all day every day!! And yes we dress this cute aaalllllll the time. I look am looking forward to sharing all my knowledge with you from here on out... Said with much sarcasm.