Friday, April 30, 2010

Routine and Scheduling

Come Monday we are starting our daily schedule and routine!! I am very excited and yet nervous at the same time. The Lord has been dealing with me a lot about the importance of being consistent in EVERYTHING from praising Him, going to church, living a Godly life all the time and raising my children. So after seeking the advice of a mom friend whose name is Denise I can see more plainly the need of having a scheduled life.. I tried it a few days this week and it worked wonderfully the girls new what we would be doing and when we would be doing it. I did slack off a bit but days with great grandmothers deserve no schedules!! I am also going to cut out our "away from home" days too, how can I train/raise them if I am not giving them my all? Some of you may not understand this but it works for my family and well that's all I have to say!! So pray for me if you think about it, I am excited to get started!! I know this might not be for everyone but I felt the Lord deal with me in this area when I was begging for help from Him. I read a quote and the lady was basically saying going and doing does should not take the place of actual quality time... They will not remember what all they did but they will remember if they felt secure in a stable consistent family! Good night everyone ☻

Working in the back yard!!

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Today we worked in the backyard finishing our fence, adding gravel to the girls swingset and just had fun!! It was a group effort and we really appreciate everyone that came to help!! Thank you Uncle Rusty, Pap, MaBeck/Papa and of course Carlos and Rafael!! Now that the girls are getting older we are spending more and more time outside, thank the Lord!! And now with a fence up we can spend our days in the backyard and play!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! I loved the pictures that I took today of the girls helping Pap and Uncle Rusty with their sandbox shobels (shovels) as they say! They are always wanting to help and that makes me so happy.Even though it is going to be hotter in a few months its nice to be able to just let the girls out in the backyard to play and not go anywhere! Yes I will be with them outside jsut in case you were wonderging ☻ These kind of days even though it was hard work are the days that make families closer, helping one another is a blessing!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband

Chad told me that if I started writing about him he would read my blog more so I am going to write about him and we will see if he even notices!! Chad and I have been married for 8 years now.... He is a great husband, a far left brainer which can be quite trying at times since I am more in the middle of the two. He is a great father and friend. I am so glad the Lord put us together, I love him very much and appreciate the life he lives.... Now this blog is about my kids so that is all I will tell you for now :)

A wonderful day with family and friends!!

Becky was so nice to invite us all over for a wonderful day of playing and talking! The kids had so much fun and on the way home Emma said "Mom, it sure was nice of Aunt Becky to have us over!" We are all a little lobster looking and very wore out but it was so worth it! You learn a lot when you get together with moms that have a lot of the same views as you and have multiple children, no offense to those with only one child. You also get to learn a lot about each other which makes you closer! "You are my brother and you are my sister and I need you" just felt like singing that song!! It is also nice to be able to let the children play together and form bonds since they will all be in the youth together..... scary thought!!
Thanks again Aunt Becky for all the fun and the fish bowl!! I am searching for fake fish on the internet now!!

I would like to introduce you to my First Born - Anna

Anna Rebekah is my first born, technically she is not but had I have her myself she would have been the first born. While I totally believe in birth order personalities this does raise the question, are they first born traits because they were first born or are they natural born leaders? I have to go with the second one as nature knew who should have been born first!! Anyway that is not what I am blogging about!!

Anna Rebekah my beautiful leader, mother hen, so very caring of others, always giving and always bossing!! Anna is my big helper even without me having to ask her. SHe constantly cleans up after herself and her sisters, sometimes I make her sit down while the other two clean up, which she does not like! She is a perfectionist, most of the time very neat and loves to do school. We have from the get go called her "Smiley" because she smiled so much when she was a baby and still does. The only down fall of Anna is that she does not require much attention so I have to remind myself that even though she is not asking for it openly she inwardly needs it, making this not hardly a down fall at all!! Anna loves to sing and play the piano which she does every day! She takes one of her books and sets it up on the piano as her "song book", I receive so much joy just listening to her as she sings church songs and she has even made some of her own!!

When Anna was just a baby, only a few weeks old she had a very hard time keeping her milk down. When we took her to the doctor he seemed somewhat alarmed and sent us for a GI scan. It was awful becuase we could not feed her after 8pm the night before but she actually did quite well it was harder on us not feeding her than it was on Anna!! So we took her to the hospital where they gave us that chalky dye stuff that she had to drink so that they could watch it go down her esphogaus. She was so hungry that she just gulped it all down. After she drank it they placed her under the machine and took the exrays, actually I am not sure what they were called. We went home and waited for the results..... patiently. Later that day we received a call from the radiologist and a doctor from the hospital.. Let me insert I did not find the following information out until afterwards as Chad and our parents did not think I could handle the news at that time. They wanted to re test Anna, for free, because they had seen a circle around her esphagus, which was a esophageal hernia that would constrict after she ate causing her to lose her milk also explaining why she was still small. The fix for this to crack her chest open somewhat like when they do open heart surgery with only a 50% chance of survival. The recovery would have been awful not to mention all the other possible long term side affects she would have to go thru. That night was church so we took her and of course had her prayed for, I was just praying they would be able to help us not knowing actually what they had already found. The next day we took her in and repeated the test just as before. And PRAISE THE LORD there was nothing there and it was not long before she stopped spitting or should I say rocketing her meals after she ate!! She is my miracle healing baby!! I love to tell that story and can't wait to one day tell her and she actually understand it!! God is good.
Anna is named after Chad's mother but we spelt it like the Rebekah in the Bible

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It takes a village to raise a child

I truly believe it takes a village (family) to raise a child! Next to God and His Son, a child's relationship with their grandparents is vital. Not only does it teach them to obey and respect someone other than the parents but it creates a bond that will last their entire lives. I speak this from experience! I love and cherish my grandparents and speak to them at least once a week if not more. I call them when I need prayer or just to talk. When my children were born they were blessed to have all four sets of great grandparents alive AND serving the Lord, what an awesome heritage!!

We spent the day today with Mamaw and the girls had a wonderful time. There is a saying that grandchildren fill the generational gap! The girls had fun running all over Mamaw's yard, swinging, and of course re arranging the rocks in the flower beds!

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Good Reason to Not Wear Crocs

It's a lot of fun around my house and I wish I had a recorder in every room to catch all the wonderfully funny things my baby girls have to say!! Plus I don't want to forget them either!! Actually make that a camcorder because sometimes they aren't saying much but it's what they are doing!!
This particular incident happened outside of the home, Pappasitos to be exact! I was working on potty training the twins so in the bathroom we were, all three of us in one stall. I had Anna on the toilet and I turned back around to pull Emma's pull up down (always trying to stay one step ahead) so that I could easily trade them off. As I am taking care of Anna I can hear the poor lady in the next stall saying "Oh.oh....oh my" and as I am hearing her I also notice the sound of liquid hitting the concrete floor....... I turn around as Emma is standing there with her pull up down teeteeing all over the floor... Which was splashing over onto the lady's feet, not so bad right?? She was wearing Crocs that have the holes all in them and the backs out!! At this point what exactly do you say to a stranger who your daughter has just peed on? I come out of the stall, the woman standing there looking to see who had just ruined her Crocs, and politely apologized....

Lesson learned? You don't always have to be one step ahead ☻

Getting Hit by a 2x4...ouch

A couple of weeks ago I was finally going to bed after a very long day and was so ready to just fall asleep..... Hey I am a mother of 3 young children I deserve some sleep to, right?! As I laid their I felt an overwhelming weight on my chest, as if someone was actually standing on me.. I have heard the expression "God came and sat on my bed post to talk to me" and while that has never happened to me personally I do believe He was speaking to me....... I tossed and turned a few times and realized you can't ignore God when He decides to deal with you!!
Let me set the stage for you... I had been praying for quite sometime for the Lord to help me and give me strength to raise my children in a way that would be pleasing to Him. We had several outstanding services at church where the Spirit really came in strong and you could feel how the Spirit was ministering to everyone and meeting everyones needs. During these services I begged and pleaded with the Lord to help me be a better mom, kind of like when Jacob wrestled with the angel all night, which kept coming to my mind as I was praying.
Now I will fast forward to that night a few weeks ago. When I figured out I was not going to sleep I got up and went into my girl's room and started praying, I was not sure what I was to be praying for but I knew it was something. All of the sudden I felt such shame as if I was being scolded by the Lord, which I was. My children came to my mind and the lack of consistency I had been showing them in daily things, such as: chores, discipline, napping, playing, doing "school" work, my mood even... And the more I prayed and thanked the Lord for showing me a main key in raising children I could feel the heavy weight lift off my chest. The Lord was showing me a part of myself that I prefer to ignore! I also felt the Lord give this thought to me and I felt Him speaking straight to my heart. "Until your children come to know ME (Jesus) for themselves YOU are the only Jesus they will see."
I just wanted to share that with everyone because I felt it so uplifting that God cares for us and loves us so much that He will help us when we ask Him to. Sometimes God has to use a pillow or hit us on head with a 2x4 to get our attention!! And even though He had to hit me that night I am so thankful He hears my prayer!!!
God is good

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The reason why......

First I want to thank my friend Annette for being so kind to set my blog up for me!! I think it is beautiful and I really appreciate her efforts, especially since she has two children and is pregnant with her third, which makes it mean even more to me!
I am hoping that this blog will allow my friends and my family to watch our journey raising the three beautiful girls we have been blessed to have. There was a time when even breathing was very difficult for me, thinking I would have a nervous break down at any moment I finally turned to the Lord for help. And NOW I can actually laugh and thank the Lord for all the daily things we go thru from the simplest task of eating breakfast to the hour it takes to get them ready! This is what I want to share with you... And if some how some way I can bring you encouragement, joy and love then I will be blessed! My goal is to post at least twice a week..maybe more

Come on and enjoy the ride...