Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To My Three Dearest Girls

To my three most beautiful baby girls I love you so much !! Days like today and most of them I might add are days that I am so thankful to me your mother! You are growing so fast and I wish I could just slow it down. Knowing that is not possible I am trying to make the most out of every day, every hour and every minute that I have to spend with you. I feel the Lord is helping me so much with learning to be a mom and guiding me to the right people to learn from! My hope and desire for each of you is that you will serve the Lord with your whole heart and use the talents that He has given you! Each of your are so special to me and I know you are special to Him. God allowed me to have each one of you and I in turn dedicated you and gave you back to Him. And even though now sometimes you fight most of the time you all play together so well, I know you will grow to be the best of friends! I love you so much and I am so proud to be your mother

Love Mom

Where the name came from

Since some are wondering where the name came from I thought I would share it with you. Obviously I have twins and then a sister who happens to be the baby of our family. When people would stop us in the mall or where ever, I got stopped every time I left the house, they would ask are those triplets? My response was no these two are twins and she is the baby sister. After hearing it a thousand times they started answering for themselves and they say "No, twins and a Baby" And even though she is no longer a baby she is our baby and always will be, so we are "twins and a baby"

Introducing Baby Number 3 - Daddy's Girl

I have been recently told that you should not put your children's names on the Internet with their pictures so I will be removing their names and from now on they will be referred to as 1, 2 and 3!! How sad is it that we have to be so careful because of so many predators... Anyway this is about number 3 not anything else!! I like to describe her as the joy of Christmas morning wrapped with the energy and mischievousness of the Tasmanian Devil!! She was quite a surprise to us as the twins were only six months old when I found out I was expecting! I can remember telling my doctor that I felt like I was carrying a miniature horse and it wouldn't stop moving. He assured me she was going to be relatively small.....I knew he really didn't know what he was talking about with this, I was the one providing her a home I knew she was not small!! So the day came for us to meet her and she was absolutely beautiful and weighed almost 9lbs!! She was so mad when she was born I can still remember thinking wow she really has a temper!! Little did I know then how right I was!! I should actually refer to her as daddy's girls, she had him wrapped from the beginning, there was such a connection between the two of them, she loves her daddy so very much. With her we are never really sure what to expect, I have just learned to roll with it! The other day we were at the mall with my mother in law eating lunch. There was a table behind us with two ladies and their two babies. The tables were very close together, the lady's chair and my mother in laws were almost touching and number three is sitting on the corner next to her - they were back back in case you can't get the picture!! I am watching from the other side of the table. The lady picks up her baby and he is looking over her shoulder at number three just smiling. All the sudden number three says "mom" and I can tell by the tone in her voice she is getting ready to embarrass me so I try to ignore her and carry on eating, which did not work..."mom... louder MOM that baby has a really big head mom...Mom why is his head so big?" So I am still trying to ignore her and change the subject but she repeated herself at least three times. If I could have fit under the table I would have crawled under!! I felt so bad, he did have a really big head but I wasn't about to tell the adoring mother!! This is just an example of what she is usually up to! She climbs everything, swings from everything and has no fear. When not pitching a fit she is pure sunshine ☻ as only a mother can say, right? I do believe that she was the missing piece to our family puzzle and I feel so blessed to be her mother. She is just exactly what a child should be and deserves to be, innocent and totally unaware that the world is not a safe place. She is so very loving most of the time and a great playmate for her sisters! She has a wonderful way of making you smile and laugh... especially when she is in trouble!! She is brutally honest so be careful what you ask her..I had said before she could be a future politician... "Number Three why is there water on the floor" Her response " I dunno"(I don't know) "Number three why are you hands wet?" "I dunno" Why is your sister's nose bleeding? "Mom I dunno".. You get the point but on the other hand she is so honest she wouldn't make it as a politician which I am thankful for... Number three did you punch your sister in the face?" "yes" why did you? "I DUNNO" She loves to sing and plays her recorder with me in the band at church! Her dad even lets her play the drums which is her favorite!! I had to include a picture of her pitching a fit! She is the only one of my three that do that and I never thought I would have a child that would!! Little did I know ☻I have heard the saying that children and grandchildren fill the gaps between the generations in a family and I do believe that. She is proof of that, with such a bubbly personality and a beautiful smile! She is my baby girl

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The best Mother's Day present of all

Sunday was Mother's Day as you all know. Since it was Sunday we spent our day just like we do every other Sunday, going to church all day, which I love by the way. That night Emma and Abby were in the front of the house playing so I went to look for Anna and she was in her room ready for bed. So I laid down by her and we just talked about the day and what all they learned in Sunday school. As we were laying there Anna looked at me and said "Mom you are my best friend." And so now you know the best Mother's Day present of all!!!! That makes everything worth it!
Yestereday Anna and Emma were having church and I walked in while Anna was testifying!! This is her testimony " Lord help my mind I know you can. Lord go with me, I know you will take good care of me. I am happy to be here tonight" You can tell she listens to everyone's testimonies at church! I thought it was a great tesitmony myself!! Emma began by reading her Bible "Mary went to Bethlehem in Kentucky and she was there a while and had a baby." The girls love going to the campground so when they talk of going anywhere it's to the campground.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home Schooling

The girls are doing so great in their school work, I am so proud of them!! Anna is really doing well in her handwriting, once she sees a letter she can write it without me even showing her! Emma is doing well on her coloring which is quite an accomplishment for her!! And Abby is doing so good that sometimes I forget she is a year behind them. She can name her vowels and tell you what they say!! Can you tell I am proud of them! We start every school morning off saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I really need to record this it is so cute!! Today at school my other mother, MaBeck, was kind enough to come help us do our very first lap books!! Thanks to Aunt Becky giving us this great idea! Their lap books are on the 5 vowels that they are learning so it went really well with school plus it is such an inexpensive way to add fun into the school work. It is time consuming so I was very grateful she came otherwise to have done three would have been quite a challenge! I am hoping to start our table training today, kind of like blanket training. Quiet time is something that my girls have not quite gotten the hang of ☻ Girls by nature are very talkative just imagine THREE little ones all talking at the same time! It gets a little overwhelming when they all decide to sing a different song at the top of their lungs at the same time!! I just have to sit back and laugh. When we go to bed my ears are usually hurting!! But it is funny.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I will just be plain honest with you.................. Keeping a routine is sheer exhaustion on a mother!! I know it is for their benefit and they do better when structure is in place but I am exhausted ☻ And another thing being consistent is enough to make you go crazy!! If you can tell I am venting a little bit but some of you have been asking me how it is going so I don't want to sugar coat it!! We have only left the house this week for: church twice, groceries and two errands. I have to say I am enjoying that. Once you leave the house you are spending money no matter what you do....gas...... Which since I drive the Titanic I have to watch where I go and how often. But I am keeping my head up, I have seen a small tiny improvement in Abby's behavior so there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have been enjoying our new backyard and picnic table, I have included some pictures of the girls eating their watermelon, which they absolutely love. After we finished eating watermelon we went to the Big Church to help clean, which the girls did a wonderful job helping! Which was comical because after they cleaned their window they pressed their faces against it to look at everyone on the inside! Although Emma was actually looking at herself, very closely!!The highlight of their evening after cleaning was getting to talk Bro. Brown!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing Emma Victoria

I would like to introduce you to my Emma Victoria, she is my middle child even though she is a twin! I will tell you if you are ever down and out or sad and need some lifting up this is the person to see!!! Emma is very funny and always smiling, she wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling! She looks, acts and thinks like her father, she is a far left brainer! Most people consider Emma to be very serious because she normally is making a serious face but she is actually just studying people and taking it all in! And she normally has the right take on people! Very sensitive to the Lord, always singing the songs from church, prays for everyone she can think of that's my Emma!! She loves going to church and will have a prayer meeting by herself anywhere. A lot of times it's at the grocery store!! She also loves Bro. Brown :) A lot of times Emma speaks in a monotone voice which adds an even more comical effect to whatever she is doing! Emma is probably the most sensitive of my children, very loving and always giving hugs and kisses. Her main love language is touch even when she has just woke up in the morning but has not brushed her teeth!!! Emma also has a laugh that is so very contagious!! Always asking questions she is my "why mom?" child! She is also my patience tester, we all need one right? I can remember one day we were trying to get out the door for an appointment and everyone else had gotten dressed except for Emma, she did not have her socks and shoes on. So i walked over handed her the socks/shoes and told her to put her socks on. I got busy doing some little things around the house and about 30 minutes later I remembered to check on her. So I called out to her "Emma did you get your socks on?" " Yes, mom look I have them on... " She lifts up her arms to show me she had put them on..... her hands. So I took a deep breath and tried to calmly say"Emma please put your socks on your feet" Her reply "Oh not my hands?" Whatever Emma is thinking goes straight to her mouth, she has yet to develop a sensor!! One time we were in Toys R Us and they all three had to go to the restroom. As we get to the restroom there is quite a line formed. As we are waiting in line, it's quiet mind you, a lady comes out of the stall. She has long hair that is very curly and it is dyed a bright orange color. As soon as I saw the lady I tried to stand in front of Emma and divert her did not work. "Hey Mom" I try to ignore her "HEY MOM" "yes Emma" "Mom look at that lady's CRAZY hair" Of course you know she is not whispering. I try to change the conversation but she just keep repeating herself. The lady, thank the Lord she was a mother, turned and smiled and walked out!! I could go on and on about all the embarrassing situations she has gotten me into!! She is constantly speaking loudly when someone is not dressed like she is use to seeing, "Mom why is that person naked?" "Mom they need to go get some clothes on" Anyway you get the point, there is never a dull moment around Emma. She is the sunshine that brightens our home!! I will share this last thing with you that happened today while we were at the grocery store.. I am pushing the cart and she walks in front of me and I accidentally ran into her so I said Emma watch where you walk, her reply "Mom watch where you drive that thing!!"