Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The best Mother's Day present of all

Sunday was Mother's Day as you all know. Since it was Sunday we spent our day just like we do every other Sunday, going to church all day, which I love by the way. That night Emma and Abby were in the front of the house playing so I went to look for Anna and she was in her room ready for bed. So I laid down by her and we just talked about the day and what all they learned in Sunday school. As we were laying there Anna looked at me and said "Mom you are my best friend." And so now you know the best Mother's Day present of all!!!! That makes everything worth it!
Yestereday Anna and Emma were having church and I walked in while Anna was testifying!! This is her testimony " Lord help my mind I know you can. Lord go with me, I know you will take good care of me. I am happy to be here tonight" You can tell she listens to everyone's testimonies at church! I thought it was a great tesitmony myself!! Emma began by reading her Bible "Mary went to Bethlehem in Kentucky and she was there a while and had a baby." The girls love going to the campground so when they talk of going anywhere it's to the campground.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! MAKES ALL THE HARD WORK WORTH IT JUST TO HEAR WORDS LIKE THAT! :-) So timely too! :) I love times like that- where I feel really connected to Katie Beth!