Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home Schooling

The girls are doing so great in their school work, I am so proud of them!! Anna is really doing well in her handwriting, once she sees a letter she can write it without me even showing her! Emma is doing well on her coloring which is quite an accomplishment for her!! And Abby is doing so good that sometimes I forget she is a year behind them. She can name her vowels and tell you what they say!! Can you tell I am proud of them! We start every school morning off saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I really need to record this it is so cute!! Today at school my other mother, MaBeck, was kind enough to come help us do our very first lap books!! Thanks to Aunt Becky giving us this great idea! Their lap books are on the 5 vowels that they are learning so it went really well with school plus it is such an inexpensive way to add fun into the school work. It is time consuming so I was very grateful she came otherwise to have done three would have been quite a challenge! I am hoping to start our table training today, kind of like blanket training. Quiet time is something that my girls have not quite gotten the hang of ☻ Girls by nature are very talkative just imagine THREE little ones all talking at the same time! It gets a little overwhelming when they all decide to sing a different song at the top of their lungs at the same time!! I just have to sit back and laugh. When we go to bed my ears are usually hurting!! But it is funny.

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  1. Now you have to post pictures of the lapbooks! Just kidding. The lapbooks are great even as they get older. I so enjoyed this age of learning, well all of the stages/ages, but this was a time when the mind is like a sponge it absorbs everything.