Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the day that I started the girls doing school, Pre K 4 is what it is called, it's like pre pre kindergarten!!! When you say it like that it seems very funny. I just want to note here that I am not doing this because I want them to be super smarter than everyone else, although I would not be opposed to that. The girls love doing school work and it adds an amazing structure to your day too!! And of course the benefit that you are filling their sponges with knowledge instead of just running around all day playing. Anyway it went really well and I am looking forward to this year of school and them learning new things, it is so fun to watch them as they learn they just light up. So here are some pictures of our first day. I took their play room and used half of it for school and the other half is still theirs to play in. Anna insisted that they wear clothes that they don't always wear!! Which I took to mean she wanted to wear a "uniform". Luckliy for me I bought quite a few skirts from Dillards when I was pregnant with the twins for $2.75!! So it worked out great!! I just love school uniforms anyway, we just need to knee socks!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

Well since it has been summer and extrememly hot we have not been doing anything, honestly!! I know I posted on here about getting the book Manager's of their Chores but I due to another top priority I had to put that book on hold and read "Strong Willed Children" and "Shepherding Their Hearts" I think is the name of the last one but not totally sure. I know that books do not solve everything nor do I follow them to a T either but I am hoping to gain some insight. The main book I read is the Bible which has the teachings for raising children but there other books are Bible based so I am hoping to glean some more. I can remember very vividly having a conversation with Becky about "strong willed" children and I remember saying to her there is no such thing as a strong willed child just a disobedient child..... Oh why oh why did I not keep my BIG MOUTH SHUT? So along comes Abby who is a wonderful child, when she wants to be and when she does not want to be she challenges every form of authority that comes near her. At first I thought oh my word she is so disodedient and that was the only thing wrong with her. Don't get me wrong I still believe that strong willed children are just disobedient children but I also have found that in my case it is not just wanting to disobey, it goes much deeper than that. So my good friend Angela just happened to be here one day and witnessed one of Abby's "attacks" and willful behavior. I broke down crying becuase I did not understand what I was doing wrong in raising her. After talking awhile Angela told me about a book that Dr Dobbson had written call "Strong Willed Children" so of course I ordered it right away. AS I began to read the testimonies of all the mothers of strong willed children I felt like i was reading mine and Abby's life. So I felt the Lord had allowed Angela to be here to witness Abby's sometimes strong willed behavior and I am thankful, I had been praying and crying for the Lord to please show me what I could do that would help her. Becuase left to her own demise Abby will end up a very angry adult. So if you have or think you might have a strong willed child I encourage you to read this book. I have not finished it, it takes me a very LONG time to finish a book, but I am learning things. And hopefully will see a change in Abby, for the better. I am reading it along with Shepherding their hearts so I think we will make some headway, or at least I am hoping. So if you think of me or Abby I would really appreciate you saying a prayer for us as we go through this together and try to do better. She is a great kid don't get me wrong and has a lot of great qualities but this just happens to be her weakness. And of course being the baby does not help at all ☻ I have put the girls school room together and we are hoping to start school come Monday, the girls have really been missing it and I love the structure that it adds to our day. I am working on getting a schedule together for us too. I have finally started doing weekly meal planners which is a big deal for me!! But it has ended up saving me about $20.00 every time I go to the grocery store so that is nice. I will post pics of our school room, once I take them!! You can expect them next month, LOL!!!


I must be totally insane but we are now raising tadpoles!! I was cleaning our the kids pool and found A LOT of little tadpoles swimming around. So instead of just tossing them out I decided to do a good deed and let them finish growing!! Aunt Becky so kind to supply us with a fish bowl for Abby's birthday. which I never bought a fish for, so that is their new home. Well I have to be honest we did not save ALL of them, the girls don't know that though ☻ So I rushed in the house and of course googled how to raise tadpoles and it looks very "easy" but only time will tell. It did mention that tadpoles love lettuve, which I think is very odd but I threw some in the bowl and they are all huddled around it ☻ Learn something new everyday. So we are going to take care of our Poles, as Emma calls them, and see if we can get a frog or two out of about 50 tadpoles..... This should be very interesting

My Beautiful Anna

To Anna my beautiful first born!! You are growing so fast these days, not physically but in every other way, you are so fun to watch and listen to. Well I think so but your sisters might not agree right now as you can be quite bossy and know all the answers too ☻ We went to the eye doctor on Wednesday and you did so good, I was very impressed with your manners. Dr. Brown even said "She is the best four year old I have ever had" so of course mommy was very proud to hear that. I think I may have walked out of the office a few inches taller!! You cried a little at the beginning because you had to have your eyes dilated, again. Or as you call it "I have to get my eyes diedilated with dew drops", this is what you tell your sisters. I am not sure where dew drops came from but since the first time you had to go to the eye doctor you have called them dew drops. As I watch you sometimes my heart hurts a little that I never had one on one time with you, quality time is your main love language, so I am putting forth an extra effort to spend time with you and your sisters too. Yesterday your word of the day was "conversation" and you said it every chance you had and most of the time you used it correctly!! You were talking to Abby, who was telling a story about a frog in her bed and you wanted to know "What conversation did you have with the frog?" You love to learn and have school so I have set up a school room and we will hopefully start on Monday, which I know you are going to love since you wont stop asking me ☻