Friday, August 20, 2010

My Beautiful Anna

To Anna my beautiful first born!! You are growing so fast these days, not physically but in every other way, you are so fun to watch and listen to. Well I think so but your sisters might not agree right now as you can be quite bossy and know all the answers too ☻ We went to the eye doctor on Wednesday and you did so good, I was very impressed with your manners. Dr. Brown even said "She is the best four year old I have ever had" so of course mommy was very proud to hear that. I think I may have walked out of the office a few inches taller!! You cried a little at the beginning because you had to have your eyes dilated, again. Or as you call it "I have to get my eyes diedilated with dew drops", this is what you tell your sisters. I am not sure where dew drops came from but since the first time you had to go to the eye doctor you have called them dew drops. As I watch you sometimes my heart hurts a little that I never had one on one time with you, quality time is your main love language, so I am putting forth an extra effort to spend time with you and your sisters too. Yesterday your word of the day was "conversation" and you said it every chance you had and most of the time you used it correctly!! You were talking to Abby, who was telling a story about a frog in her bed and you wanted to know "What conversation did you have with the frog?" You love to learn and have school so I have set up a school room and we will hopefully start on Monday, which I know you are going to love since you wont stop asking me ☻

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