Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the day that I started the girls doing school, Pre K 4 is what it is called, it's like pre pre kindergarten!!! When you say it like that it seems very funny. I just want to note here that I am not doing this because I want them to be super smarter than everyone else, although I would not be opposed to that. The girls love doing school work and it adds an amazing structure to your day too!! And of course the benefit that you are filling their sponges with knowledge instead of just running around all day playing. Anyway it went really well and I am looking forward to this year of school and them learning new things, it is so fun to watch them as they learn they just light up. So here are some pictures of our first day. I took their play room and used half of it for school and the other half is still theirs to play in. Anna insisted that they wear clothes that they don't always wear!! Which I took to mean she wanted to wear a "uniform". Luckliy for me I bought quite a few skirts from Dillards when I was pregnant with the twins for $2.75!! So it worked out great!! I just love school uniforms anyway, we just need to knee socks!!


  1. They look cute!
    And you can get knee socks at Target:)
    you are going to have it easy with your one grade thing you got going on....okay I did not mean EASY, but well you know what I mean!

  2. SUREEEE you know you are trying to make them little geniuses! I'm just trying to keep Katie Beth up with ya'll! J/K I totally agree with the structure thing & hey if they enjoy it why shouldn't we? :) It's so much fun watching them learn. AND BECKY watch it with the EASY talk LOL

  3. Cute! I think you will have a blast!
    Children's place has lots of knee socks. Especially on their website.

  4. Thanks Denise! I have been looking for the knee socks as well. Carolena insists on wearing a uniform as makes her feel like it is official.

  5. They are so cute! It is awesome having a routine for them. They and you will have fun learning. Enjoy this time with them. The first few years are the "Fun" learning years.