Thursday, April 29, 2010

A wonderful day with family and friends!!

Becky was so nice to invite us all over for a wonderful day of playing and talking! The kids had so much fun and on the way home Emma said "Mom, it sure was nice of Aunt Becky to have us over!" We are all a little lobster looking and very wore out but it was so worth it! You learn a lot when you get together with moms that have a lot of the same views as you and have multiple children, no offense to those with only one child. You also get to learn a lot about each other which makes you closer! "You are my brother and you are my sister and I need you" just felt like singing that song!! It is also nice to be able to let the children play together and form bonds since they will all be in the youth together..... scary thought!!
Thanks again Aunt Becky for all the fun and the fish bowl!! I am searching for fake fish on the internet now!!


  1. I wish I would have been invited :o/ Sounds fun! Some of my favorite peeps. :o)

  2. IT was a lot of fun! :) I really enjoyed it! Actually felt encouraged! Good feeling... :)