Monday, April 26, 2010

A Good Reason to Not Wear Crocs

It's a lot of fun around my house and I wish I had a recorder in every room to catch all the wonderfully funny things my baby girls have to say!! Plus I don't want to forget them either!! Actually make that a camcorder because sometimes they aren't saying much but it's what they are doing!!
This particular incident happened outside of the home, Pappasitos to be exact! I was working on potty training the twins so in the bathroom we were, all three of us in one stall. I had Anna on the toilet and I turned back around to pull Emma's pull up down (always trying to stay one step ahead) so that I could easily trade them off. As I am taking care of Anna I can hear the poor lady in the next stall saying "Oh.oh....oh my" and as I am hearing her I also notice the sound of liquid hitting the concrete floor....... I turn around as Emma is standing there with her pull up down teeteeing all over the floor... Which was splashing over onto the lady's feet, not so bad right?? She was wearing Crocs that have the holes all in them and the backs out!! At this point what exactly do you say to a stranger who your daughter has just peed on? I come out of the stall, the woman standing there looking to see who had just ruined her Crocs, and politely apologized....

Lesson learned? You don't always have to be one step ahead ☻

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  1. This is so funny, but I got one worse. Jack, which is Bubba's little brother was adopted afted Bubba and his sisters were grown so he is quite a bit younger. Anyways, when he was potty training Bubba and his sisters took him to McDonald's. Now I need to add that these are truly country folks. Long story short Jack tee-teed on the ficus tree in McDonald's.