Friday, April 30, 2010

Routine and Scheduling

Come Monday we are starting our daily schedule and routine!! I am very excited and yet nervous at the same time. The Lord has been dealing with me a lot about the importance of being consistent in EVERYTHING from praising Him, going to church, living a Godly life all the time and raising my children. So after seeking the advice of a mom friend whose name is Denise I can see more plainly the need of having a scheduled life.. I tried it a few days this week and it worked wonderfully the girls new what we would be doing and when we would be doing it. I did slack off a bit but days with great grandmothers deserve no schedules!! I am also going to cut out our "away from home" days too, how can I train/raise them if I am not giving them my all? Some of you may not understand this but it works for my family and well that's all I have to say!! So pray for me if you think about it, I am excited to get started!! I know this might not be for everyone but I felt the Lord deal with me in this area when I was begging for help from Him. I read a quote and the lady was basically saying going and doing does should not take the place of actual quality time... They will not remember what all they did but they will remember if they felt secure in a stable consistent family! Good night everyone ☻

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  1. already praying :) Let me know how it goes. Love you!