Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kind of Funny

Sunday was halloween as you all know but my girls do not even know what it is!! I could barely go to stores without them getting scared of all the halloween junk creeping them out... Anyway I will stay on the point ☻ Sunday night the doorbell kept ringing, in spite of the fact that we did not turn our porch light on for this very reason!! One of us would go to the door and explain we did not have any candy otherwise they just kept standing there ringing the bell... Almost every time the kids would not have any costumes on, at one point it was teenage boys carrying their backpacks!! So Chad and I kept making the statement to each other "they were not even dressed", we meant they weren't in costume!! Anyway long story short Monkey was later telling someone that "kids just kept coming asking for candy and they WEREN'T even dressed"!!! I thought this was really funny so I thought I would share, she just couldn't believe kids were asking for candy without clothes on!!!


  1. How funny! People kept asking Katie Beth are you dressing up this weekend... she just curls up her nose & said... "no I'm not" lol. We didn't have our light on either and got some tricker treaters... weird

  2. Too cute! That is funny. They pick up on so much.