Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emma's Funny Sayings

Monkey says some of the funniest things and what makes them so funny is most of the time she is talking in a monotone voice!! I was getting on to all three of them last night for not going to bed and having to get on to them so much about going to sleep.... So I said "Girls this is ridiculous that you will not go to sleep." Monkey says "Mom this is not dickerlous" she pauses, deep sigh and then says to herself "urrggghhh I am not even saying it right".... I had to exit the room so I could laugh.
Before that we had gone to Whataburger, much to my dismay, after church. We were sitting in a booth and I was trying to explain to the girls how they should sit properly in a skirt since they are "little ladies." Monkey without even looking at me says "Mom no we are not"!!! I could go on and on about all the funny things she says, I wish I could wear a recorder to catch them all throughout the day!!

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