Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Living

Well I have decided just when you think you have gotten it all figured it, everyone is on a schedule, everyone is sleeping, some battles are being won and then WHAM you fall on your face. You wake up the next day everyone is crying, no one listens to a word you say might as well be talking to Molly (the dog) or the door knob. Showering isn't an option at this point, neither is getting dressed. I take a moment to try and gather myself and while looking around I realize I have not cleaned the house in almost two weeks........ The tears start burning in my eyes promising to start flowing down my cheeks at any moment, the kids are fighting and yes I am still in my pajamas...... At this very point I have a choice to make, I can either cry and wallow in self pity, I mean come on what other mother can possibly do ALL that I do? I am the only mother who has three children 15mths apart, goes to church faithfully even going to meetings, has started homeschooling, my husband works two jobs and of course the list in my mind just keeps mounding of all the things I do and take care of, of course I can have a melt down, I deserve to have a melt down and feel sorry for myself, right? and then there is the other choice.... Cry out to the Lord, thank Him for my beautiful children, stay in my pajamas and play with them... Come on, does it really matter that there is dust all over the house (as long as there are no bugs due to filthiness, mold growing or unidentified substances growing on the floor) and who cares what I am wearing the girls for sure don't. So my point in saying all this is well I have no idea!!! I am coming to realize that none of what I think matters actually matters at all. Spending quality time with the girls is the most important thing I can do along with having an excellent marriage. So I am just trying to learn how to lean on the Lord, which is harder than it sounds even with situations like the one I mentioned above. I love my girls and I love being their mom. My goal is to get organized which I have been trying to do since the beginning of the year but I am a procrastinator when it comes to things like this so please say a prayer that I can do it. I can barely plan our meals and that is usually the night before! Thanks to Denise Young who is sharing her words of wisdom I have ordered Manager's of Their Homes, a book that I am hoping will help me out a lot!!


  1. You can do this! I am enjoying reading about your progress! I am in your corner. Call me if you need me! :) xoxo

  2. hey when you come you should check out my menu planning... :) it's not perfected but it's pretty much awesome! I've maintained 3 weeks of NO EATING OUT! :) And all wonderful good healthy meals. trust me I feel your pain... probably more in the coming months...:D You are a winner even in your PJ's! Keep your head up! Love ya!

  3. Oh girl, I know that feeling all too well. Someone once told me "the dirty dishes & messy house will always be there, but your children are only little for a little while". The Lord has been helping me so much lately when it gets hard like that & He always gives me a song to sing. It makes it a little easier, knowing He's right there beside me giving me these special words, that are usually just what I need. Love & prayers!