Monday, April 25, 2011

WOW!! Time is flying by and I keep saying "OK I am going to sit down and re do my blog today"... Well today is that day ☻ I rarely sit down at the actual computer anymore now that I have a smart phone so I am using that as my excuse! I think it's a pretty good one! Our days are so full that sitting at the computer is not always an option or a desire, since we are being honest!! School, piano, cooking and playing seem to take up most of our week days and then we get to spend the weekends with our church family so it leaves little time!!
I am so encouraged right now, God is giving us the power and want to rise above the things that have been keeping us bound!! Strike while the iron is hot is the saying that just keeps flashing thru my head these past couple of weeks! So I am trying to do that!! We do not have to live defeated any longer.. Whether it's your short temper, lack of patience, your mouth, lack of sleep while dealing with small children (I had to throw that in there for my benefit) I can feel Him giving me the strength to move on and move up!! The church is doing so wonderful and every time church time rolls around we are just all so excited!! God is building His body and I want to be apart. I have been wondering and asking myself why doesn't everyone want to be involved and Bro Gary spoke on this the other night.. Not everyone wants to pay the price, sacrifice or give up self..... Easy to say but hard to do!! The girls have been singing "Lord I want to go" and "I'll say Yes Lord Yes" lately and I can tell that even in their young age I can see Jesus dealing with them.

We are settling into our house quite nicely, thankful the Lord helped us sell our house. We have an actual school room in this house which is really great!  I have been using just ABeka but recently added in Handwriting Without Tears which I really like. And I finally finished cutting out the 600+ pieces from he Betty Luken's Bible in Felt, the girls absolutely love this and the events actually stick in their heads a lot better than just reading. It came with a book on every even that happened in the Bible, a CD with coloring pages and activities and a filing system. It took me 5 months to cut it all out but now that I am done I am really excited!! Emma and Anna are taking piano lessons, which is going good. They are aspiring to play like Kim Collingsworth!! I hope they do, she is very talented.  Well nap time is over so I have to cut this short but will return soon to add pictures!!

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