Friday, May 27, 2011

Good Mom.....Bad Mom

The thought that goes through my head every night as I lay in bed re living the days events, all that we did or did not do, my endless to do list, did I discipline enough or was I to slack, did something happen today that will forever change their character..... SERIOUSLY????? I answer myself "Come on, get a grip" But let's be honest for some unknown or known reason we as moms seem to have this daily battle of good mom bad mom syndrome, which if you think about it is usually our own expectations of ourselves or the idea of motherhood that we have conjured up in our head!! I am not really even sure why I am writing this except to encourage myself and anyone else that might read... Don't be so hard on yourself. Motherhood is suppose to be a joyful time in our lives that passes all to quickly. Hold you head up high, chest out and know that if your children are happy, loved and loving you are probably doing a great job!! So close all the how to mother books, ease up on reading all the blogs and enjoy this time!! We are moms, hear us roar!!


  1. Very well said! I know that I fall in that trap often, and have to remember to drop the books, etc and keep going! :o)

  2. Amen Sister!! I end up twisting myself into knots and fail to pay attention to the fact that my kids still wrap their arms around my neck several times a day and tell me that they love me. I must not have failed completely yet :o)

  3. Sorry I had another thought...I love to read books especially ones that talk about where I am living; but I have noticed that if you are having a certain problem and you can stop and get quiet before the Lord, that a lot of the times He will give you the solution you need. " all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths..." Sometimes we just have to call on Jesus.

  4. You have beautiful girls and they are lots of fun to be around. I am so glad I worked the church nursery so I'd be better acquainted with them and they with me.

    One of the most positive things you've done for your girls is to keep them in church and around their grandparents and other godly examples.

    It is an awesome thing to be the "planter" of ideas and ideals into little minds. It is an important task to guard their hearts from evil wrapped up in seemingly innocent packages. . .
    the world knows how to sell sin. . .but you can plant seeds of righteousness and truth daily into those beautiful little ladies.

    I bless you.