Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Howdy Y'all

Hey everybody!! It's been a very long time since I have sat down to the computer! With the smart phones around there really isn't a need to sit down to an actual computer anymore, I can do it all from my phone.. Who would have thought, I can even blog from my phone but that to me is pushing it a little.  
         The girls are growing so fast and  we are staying so busy. I have continued to do school with them since they have no clue what summer break is yet!! The twins read their first book yesterday and I was so happy I can't even begin to tell you. Not because I want to pat myself on the back and say look what I have done but because the look on their faces! They were so proud of themselves. I would like to point out I only do school with them because they ask to, I do not push at this point because I do think they are young. But it does add some structure to our day and we spend time together doing things that they enjoy. I was getting a little to wrapped up in schooling and began getting frustrated with one of my girls.. anyway I stepped back and realized what is the big deal here? Who cares if they can read or write, seriously?!? I didn't start school until I was six, I did not go to kindergarten and I would like to think I turned out just fine... We have decided after much prayer to home school the girls. We are going to do it for a year or two and then evaluate where the girls are and how they are growing and learning. I hope it works for us and I think it will. So say a prayer if you think about us as we journey through the growing up years! I am putting some pictures of them up doing their work in the school room. I am very thankful that our new home has enough space for us to have a room just for school!

Kids LOVE their Glue... Why is that?!?



  1. LOL!! This post cracked me up...the stressing over school work part!! I think I have done that 100 times already and Sophia wont be 4 until October :o) The other day I printed some pages out and just let them cut. That was the highlight of their day!! Learning to relax and enjoy them having fun is a challenge sometime for me; but who says you can't throw a little learning into the things they like to do. There will be enough time for sit down school work soon enough. I am trying to relax and find the learning opportunities in our everyday life for now; and stress out later. The truth is my girls like to do anything as long as its 1) with me and 2) I make it sound fun :o) Thanks for all your encouragement and I will pray!!

  2. I will pray for both of you, if you will remember me on the other end. LOL I'm so glad you realized to take it easy and slow. I learned the hard way and wished I knew then what I know now. I love doing fun things like this with Allen Jr. He loves "School Work" as he calls it. I'm glad they like their desk and school work. Oh, I know that I have told you this before, but I love having the twins in my Sunday school class. They are a joy to have.

  3. Awesome that they read!!!!! :) I too am guilty of feeling like I had to get some major structured learning in them... at TWO! lol I've relaxed & I've realized something with KB if I'm pushing it... she is NOT interested it... if it's her idea however... she just exceeds far above anything I would've expected. I don't know she's my little "go-to gal". She's taken up drawing like you wouldn't believe, which through my research has led me to believe she's ready for reading. So I got her a book that teaches drawing (for her age obviously) - oh my goodness!!! The other day she brought me a DETAILED picture of Jesus on the Cross & all the people at the bottom of the hill crying.... I couldn't believe it! Everyday she's amazing us. Glad you're enjoying your new home! Hopefully we will be soon too! :) VERY EXCITED!

  4. I was sorry to hear this didn't end up working for you.