Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Swim Lessons

We have decided to put the three monkeys in swim lessons!! They have no fear of water so we felt it might do them some good. I have let them play in the water in their kiddie pool before and even in  a swimming pool with their floaties on and since we say you're going swimming they just assumed they were swimming. So I had to reprogram them that they were not swimming they were just playing. Anyway I am very glad that we have decided to do this, water can be so dangerous and children only need an inch of water to drown in if they don't know how to respond. So if y0u are thinking about having your children learn I encourage it, if that means anything!! Of course I learned by jumping in and there not being anyone there to catch me so I took of swimming.. I guess that is not considered acceptable these days!! The little tadpoles are already swimming a little on their own and I am very proud of them!!

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  1. We started Makaela when she was small and Allen Jr. too. Of course, he really does not know how to swim, but Makaela is good. I'm sure the girls just love it. We have been talking about their swim classes. They are so sweet.